Art and culture : Princess Stella (Stelbee) in another artistic dimension

Art and culture : Princess Stella (Stelbee) in another artistic dimension

Where did Stelbee go? Many Burkinabè certainly wonder. Since 2014, when she released her maxi « Conscious Woman« , she had disappeared from the Burkinabese showbizz spotlights before returning home two years later. She had traveled to Ghana to learn about the performing and visual arts and above all to improve her singing skills alongside her Leader Prince H. Malatsi from South Africa. While some believed her to be in total silence, our compatriot was building herself artistically. In search of her Pan-African identity, Stelbee, now known as Princess Stella, found her salvation in the pan-African diplomatic Edutainment movement called the Messengers of the Messages. At the service of mankind as traveling incubators and citizens of the world, the princess and the four other members of the movement have already traveled the lands of Morocco, Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone, etc. Currently in lockdown in Morocco, Kulture Kibaré spoke with the artist on August 27th 2020, via the internet.

Our compatriot, Stella Aïcha Sagnon better known under the pseudonym Stelbee, militates as lead-vocalist and spokesperson in the Messengers of Messages. It is a pan-African diplomatic educational entertainment movement which mission is to spread the message of African leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, Kwamé N’Krumah, Miriam Makéba, Sékou Touré, etc. The leader Prince H. Malatsi is from South Africa. At his side, Princess Adjoba Nyaniba Yankson Joh from Ghana, Princess Kéïrath Zato from Benin, the contortionist artist Nokulunga Buthelezi from South Africa (trained by Prince H. Malatsi and recognized as the greatest contortionist in the world through her title « Cirkus Princessen » and her gold medal obtained in Switzerland); and finally Princess Stella Aïcha Sagnon from Burkina Faso. Together, they campaign for a free and positive Africa on an artistic, spiritual and cultural background. In other words, they preach the message of peace, African unity and African youth empowerment through performing and visual arts (singing, dance, fashion, theater, poetry, decoration, etc.).

Their commitment and actions have earned them international trophies and recognition from UNESCO, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the African Union (AU), etc. They were awarded as Best Pan-African cultural and artistic group in Morocco, in 2017 and the group has to date, ten international trophies of merit in its list.

More engaged than ever in this cadence, Princess Stella and her group, currently confined to Morocco, have extracted fortune in the coronavirus misfortune. Eureka! They have invented the « Mobile Musical Monument » called Izintambo zomoya which means « the chords of the spirit » in Zulu language. One of the biggest instrument in Africa and one of its kind in the world. “Our strength lies in the fact that during this sad time, we were able to create happiness through the birth of our unique Mobile Musical Monument,” said Princess Stella. So, it is an atypical musical instrument which, thanks to its characteristics, highlights research and innovation, the strength of African civilization, the promotion of social distancing, etc. It is a device made from recycled materials that sends positive energies to the audience.

Technically, with its varied mechanisms, the instrument is at the same time extendable, swiveling, reversible, manual, removable with a robotic industrial aspect (without machine) and afro-modern. There are also special movie effects , electronic sounds, although it is a string and percussion instrument, according to the Princess. About thirty people can play it. And Covid-19 obliges, an interval of one meter between the artists was thought of into the design to respect social distancing. Izintambo zomoya is an orchestration of several instruments in one and each instrument has its own particularity.


The Messengers of the Messages are currently in the exploration and promotion phase of their invention. « I am proud to have participated in the creation of such a unique Mobile Musical Monument, bearing the hallmark of African identity and modern touch combined, » said Stelbee.

The group is planning a promotional tour in Morocco,in South Africa, in different African countries and abroad , once the life of show biz returns to its normal course. The goal is, according to Princess Stella, to show that Africa is capable of doing things by itself, and personally for her, it is to pursue the dream of Thomas Sankara whose voice she carries in the group. Let us also hope to welcome them in the land of upright men to contemplate firsthand Izintambo zomoya and the group’s message.

Malick SAAGA

Translate into english by Princess Stella Aïcha Sagnon



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